The sensational Dutch rock & soul band ‘Sven Hammond’ will release their 5th studio album the 22nd of September in The Netherlands & Germany and the 29th in Spain.

They have spent nearly two years in the studio to complete this album and did most of the work themselves; writing, recording, mixing (considering the 6th member is their amazing engineer Roland) and producing.
Frontman Sven: it was a pretty long journey and we traveled thru many different stages. We selected the songs for this album that had the most like ‘rough edge’ and spontaneous vibe to it. We try not to make just a ‘song’ but create an experience. Ultimately to create a kind of ‘Rapture’ when we play live. The sound of the Hammond organ with Ivan’s amazing vocals and Tim’s ear piercing and deeply bluesy guitars is a special combo. That’s why we love to improvise and play with our gut feeling. It also makes every show into a unique experience for the audience.

After the release of Rapture, the band will tour thru The Netherlands (October), Germany (Jan 2018) and Spain (March 2018).

Please check our agenda for dates.


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