Sven Hammond Big Band

On request of acclaimed Dutch tv-host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (with production company Medialane and broadcasting company BNNVARA), Sven Figee stepped into the role of musical director & arranger, expanding his band to a 16 piece big band with 2 drummers, additional keys and percussion, a horn section, a string quartet and two singers. Here began what we now know as the Sven Hammond Big Band.

Matthijs Gaat Door’ (Matthijs Goes On) started airing on New Year’s Eve 2020. The following 10 episodes, spanning the months of January to March 2021 became a huge hit with skyrocketing ratings, outstanding reviews, and an enthusiast following throughout the Benelux.
Combining groundbreaking musical performances with witty journalism as well as never before seen camera work and direction the show has set a new standard.
You can view the performances on the Matthijs Gaat Door YouTube channel.

The second season starts end of August.
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