It all began almost 15 years ago and they are still going strong: Sven Hammond. Since its creation in 2006, main man Sven Figee and his band of brothers have played hundreds of shows, both in their home country the Netherlands, and abroad. They have 6 studio albums and 4 live albums under their name and still sound as fresh as ever.

Starting recordings in 2019 the band went back to their roots as an instrumental, Hammond-driven outfit. The result is their new album ‘Sphere’ (released April 16, 2021). An album dedicated to the music of jazz legend Thelonious Monk. Sven: ‘It was back in the days in a little bar in The Hague where I started to play the music of Monk and where the seed was planted for this idea; an entire album with his compositions but in our own way. Arranged to fit collaborations with contemporary artists and their music. Hip Hop and soul in the blender with Monk’s hard bop jazz. A very exciting project and an amazing mix of styles that actually works out!’ The album has become a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks with appearances of Typhoon, Akwasi, Cheyenne Toney, Gianski, and Zoe Love Smith.

With this album, the band has set the tone for an exciting new round of shows (check the December ‘Sphere Clubtour’ in The Netherlands) and is more ready than ever to bring their exciting, grooving, dirty, and always soulful sounds to international stages in 2021 and beyond.